a taxi driver and du3a2

i got in a taxi to go a short distance a few days ago. while driving, the man said to me:

you know, today, something strange happened. i just dropped off my nephew to the airport where he’s traveling to qatar. i am subscribed to a “du3a a day by sms” service by etisalat, and i got the du3a while driving him to the airport. so i told him, “read me the du3a,” since i was driving. he read the du3a (which said something along the lines of “astawda3 Allah” (or put as a trust with Allah) my self, my family, my deeds, and so on).  the taxi driver continued, “i was shocked - the timing was incredible! it’s as if Allah had that message come today just for him specifically!”

he then asked me to listen to a clip of a story from a sheikh on his phone. the sheikh mentions a man whose wife was pregnant and he had to go and travel. the wife didn’t want him to go and tried to insist that he stay and not go. “how can you leave me while i am pregnant,” she asked? so he put his hand on her stomach and said, “oh Allah, astawde3ak ma fee batniha” - that “oh Allah, i leave as a trust with you whatever is in her stomach.”

so he left. he came back after he was done with his travels and found young kids (from his family or relatives or what not) telling him that, “your wife has passed away.” so he said, “inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3oon.”

they then told him that they found something strange - that every night, some sort of smoke would come out from the place that they buried this lady. so he went there and dug up the grave, and found his wife sitting in the grave with his son alive and between her feet.

sub7anAllah… as the taxi driver added, had the man made the same du3a and added the mother in the du3a as well, he would have come back and found his wife as well.

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