people will just be people?

i am not one to criticize anyone as i have my own huge list of faults, but some actions of some people really really get on my nerves. i don’t understand the following categories of people:

  1. the provincial people - those who are so set in their own thoughts and ideas (without any basis) and you can never ever convince them of anything besides what they think is true. the best example of this that i can think of is when people outside of america have this idea that america is “heaven on earth,” that life there is really easy, that people have money falling out of their pockets, and so on. they refuse to believe anything else. these people often miss out on seeing a great number of blessings that they have that people living in america lack for example.

  2. the assumption makers - very similar to the above category, this set of people assume things based on what is visible without taking anything else into consideration. this is almost always related to money in some way… for example, someone hears that you got a job, and they automatically assume that you are “making the big bucks now.” or, someone walks into your apartment and sees almost no furniture there but sees a nice monitor or tv and says, “dang, you must be extremely rich.” why do people make these assumptions? if you try to correct these people, they refuse to believe you, even though in most cases, the people who say these things would have several fold more than the person they told the comment to (in terms of both finances and time worked), and so on. reality of the matter is, what is apparent isn’t necessarily what is true because people don’t know the situations of each other. so why do people say these kinds of things?

  3. the nosy people… people who want to ask about everything, especially financial things when they have no business in doing so… “how much do you get paid?” – what business does anyone have asking that? or, “how much did you buy this or that or the other?” why do people ask these kinds of questions?

i could go on classifying these types of people, but i realized that there really is no need to, since they all share a common thread - a lack of content with their current situation and blessings. this leads many of them to not realize the great blessing they are in, and always try to look at ways in which others are better off than them financially.

i guess as imam siraj wahaj said about a year ago in a speech, that his mother used to always tell him, “people will just be people…” (it might have been, “people will always be people,” can’t remember anymore). so yeah… people will always be people…

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