slippy now in early beta stage

greets! did some more work on slippy today. the game works and is totally playable. the things left to do are: 1. save the state and load it up when the program starts and ends, 2. add some menu items to allow someone to jump to levels they’ve beaten, reset levels, and give instructions on how to play, 3. test some more.

i’ve redid the graphics (well, i took the graphics from the ti86 version for the black and white one, and just added color for the color one). the problem is, when i embiggen the graphics, it ends up looking really bad (like the previous post’s screenshot).

the results…

slippy screenshot (b/w) slippy screenshot (color)

due to the slew of questioning comments on the other one, i guess i should explain the game. slippy is a puzzle game in which you control slippy, a penguin. he’s trying to get a bunch of coins (well, i guess i should make the coins into fish but that means i have to make fish graphics…). in order to do so, he/she must move the blocks around. however, due to the slippery nature of the slippery slippy game and the arctic climate in which it takes place, once slippy pushes a box, it keeps moving until it either hits a solid wall (then it stops), or until it hits some ice, in which case it destroys the ice and magically disappears. so yeah, the objective is to get all the coins.

that’s all for now…

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