webmail, etc

argh, yesterday was quite a day. first off, i deleted all the numbers on my palm pilot accidently (i hard resetted the palm, and thought that when i sync it, the program would send the contacts and calendar info back to the palm… but i was mistaken). so after spending time and restoring an old backup and updating it, i then proceeded to accidently delete my entire mp3 collection. argh.

patrick o’leary from gt was nice enough to give me a gmail invite. its pretty cool, i think i am going to start using it. here is a screenshot:

gmail screenshot

interestingly enough, yahoo raised everyone’s quota to 100 mb too… i wonder where that leaves hotmail with its nice, generous, 3 mb storage.

update: i just saw this on slashdot, there’s also an indian company that’s giving out free 1 gb email accounts.

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