first bugzilla bug

at the suggestion of behdad off the arabeyes-developers list, i’ve posted my color and arabic shaping frustrations [along with the code] on gnome’s bugzilla.

hopefully someone can point me in the right direction…

emperor under wine

emperor works great under cedega - i beat one level with it :)

from dual to single boot

i’ve always dual booted windows and linux even though linux was my primary os [i am currently running gentoo, its great!]. but finally, today, i’ve deleted the xp partition and am now running 100% linux. i may get vmware so i can play around with visual studio if i want to write some windows apps, but i think the days of dual booting are over for me, at least for now.


greets. so these few days, i’ve been playing around with the boids algorithm, trying to write a simple implementation. i finally succeeded in doing so, in python, in under 125 lines. its pretty simple though but really cool.

boids is a “distributed behavioral model,” representing how birds fly or fish swim or whatnot. that link is a pretty good discussion of the algorithm, and this page has some pseudo code for the algorithm.

the really cool thing is how changing the rules really affects where the objects go. so for now, my implementation uses pygame and uses boxes rather than birds.

here is a picture:

oh yeah! and i am posting using drivel! - it seems to works great!

over 2 decades of h4x0r1n6

my friend and i’s conversation about my birthday:

(00:17:27) e_jive: so how young are u ?

(00:17:30) e_jive: lol

(00:17:37) ahmed: celebrating over 2 decades of elite code!

(00:17:43) e_jive: lol

(00:17:46) e_jive: true

(00:17:52) e_jive: so are u a guru now?

(00:18:00) e_jive: u know 2 decades is a lifetime

(00:18:25) e_jive: especially considering u came out of the womb with a laptop and a palm pilot :)

WoW under linux

woohoo, got world of warcraft running in linux! it worked, for the most part, under wine [w/o sound]… it works a little better under cedega [sound, a little better of a frame rate], but i am running it on cedega using d3d rather than opengl… whenever i try to run it on cedega with opengl, cedega dies. not sure why.

the game is surprisingly playable from the little bit i played. i had to turn the settings down [they were all the way at max in windows and i was still getting better frame rates than in linux]. now i get decent frame rates even outside [i tested it in auberdine and the wetlands, but i have not yet ventured to ironforge around the auction house to see what happens there].

the only kind of annoying thing is that right clicking is a tiny bit lagged… not quite sure why. i want to follow up with these cedega people and find out why i can’t run it in opengl mode, maybe it’ll be a little faster that way even.

irregardless, i am pretty happy it works well enough to play :) and i am pretty surprised that the free wine actually ran it with very little effort. woot!


jawwad - after reading the nice comics at, i bit the bullet… and, as a result, i am typing this post at the amazing rate of roughly 2 wpm…

pango issues, etc

greets… so the pango team [owen in specific] were really helpful in the past in helping fix the arabic tashkeel problem [where tashkeel on characters causes random spaces in the text]. luckily, this is fixed now. (interestingly enough, firefox for windows is broken in this respect, and, in linux, if you don’t compile with enabling pango, its broken there too… but it works on osx out of the box).

i ran into another little issue and was wondering if anyone knew how to get around this [and i emailed owen taylor in the meanwhile]. basically, the issue arises that when you insert html tags in the middle of a word, the state information of the parser is lost… as a result:

i went to houston last weekend. pretty nice, the only notable thing is that all the traffic lights are sideways. that and our flight to got delayed for such a long time because the gas truck ran out of gas [or, as we were to later discover, “broke down”]. thank God i didn’t have a connecting flight… anyways… that’s all for now.

last week...

peace. err, its been a week since i posted last.

so i found an awesome masjid not too far from where i live now. 23 acres of land, they have a school (not sure how big the school is or to what grades/levels, etc), a gym, basketball court, soccer field, etc. the founder is a very well educated guy [according to the (website)]. i heard him speak because he came to the masjid which i go to for jum3ah and he gave a really nice khutbah about the ornaments of this life.

also last week, i installed 1gb ram in my mac mini. opening the mini wasn’t too bad, but closing it was pretty bad. but i managed to do it without scratching it up, al7amdulillah. now everything seems to run a lot smoother.

i also took a little glance at an objective c tutorial. it seems as though you can write osx cocoa apps either in objective c or in java, and that there’s some means of bridging between the languages as well. pretty neat, but haven’t actually written any code with it yet.

i went apartment hunting this weekend… found nothing yet…

but anyway, that’s all for now.

what is taqwa

peace… i forgot to post this earlier, but this is a pretty neat definition of taqwa that was told during the khutbah this week.

al-taqwa hiya al-‘7awf min al-jaleel, wal 3amalu bil tanzeel, wal rida bil qaleel, wal isti3dad leyawm al-ra7eel.

approximately, this means… taqwa is the fear of the mighty, and following the revelation, and being content with what is little, and preparing for the day of departure.

i should try to type that in arabic just to see if wp supports it at some point.