Android Resource Cleanup

As an Android code base grows and has increasing code churn, unused resources are very likely to exist. While Android Studio has an option for cleaning up and removing unused resources, there are some reported bugs in this functionality that are still not fixed.

I started searching for another solution for finding and cleaning up unused resources in Android projects. I found this project, which has some Python 2 scripts to directly manipulate resources. Since it hadn’t been updated since 2018, I took the liberty to build something based on it, which fixes some of the issues I ran into while using it.

Introducing resource-cleanup - an open source project to help identify and clean unused resources (in retrospect, I wish I had named it “Mr. Kaplan”). It relies on several open source tools and heavily relies on the command line to accomplish its role.

The project has a set of shell scripts - one per resource type. It searches for usages of @[resourceType] or R.resourceType references. In the absence of these, it removes the given resource. The shell scripts take a single file and checks for usages accordingly. The documentation gives examples of how to combine this with tools like fd and shell loops.

These scripts have proven invaluable to us at work and helped us reduce our apk size by a sizable amount. Please give it a try!

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