haramain updates

it’s been a while since i first wrote about Haramain. there have been some pretty massive updates recently that i wanted to briefly write about here.

an app for iOS

i’ve wanted to release an app for iOS for a long time now, and unfortunately never got around to doing so. i thought Haramain was a good candidate to be a first app, and so august 29th of this year, i finally released Haramain for iOS, which is my first iOS app (i’ve played with iOS before on many occasions, but this is the first app that i wrote end to end).

the iOS app features a new design by Ahmed Galal and most of the features found on Android (except autoplay, which insha’Allah should come in the future).

android updates

so the Android app also hasn’t seen updates for a while now, and with the iOS app out and with a new design, it was time to bring the new design to Android, with some modifications.

so today, i released an update to Haramain for Android. this new version features Ahmad’s new design. it also adds Chromecast support and support for Android 7.1 shortcuts.

future plans

insha’Allah in the future, we have a few other things planned - namely search, Arabic support, and lists of favorites. stay tuned!

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