so i left the country...

uh… yeah.

so egypt (like many other countries apparently) requires military service from it’s citizens.  as a dual citizen, you are exempt from egyptian military service.  i won’t get into details of how to prove this and get your military pardon, but let’s just say that it’s a fairly long winded and arduous process (which until now, i am still unable to complete).

there was some uncertainty as to what would happen if i stayed longer than 6 months - some people said, “you need to get your passport restamped (or leave the country) if you are planning on staying longer than 6 months.”  others said, “you don’t need to do anything.”  i almost followed the latter, until someone advised me to go check just in case, otherwise you could have problems later on.  so i went to the passport office in alexandria.

the lady said, “as long as you’re here less than 6 months, there is no problem.  once you are here for 6 months, you need to give us your id card and your military status.”  i said, “but i am having trouble getting my military status sorted out, what happens if i can’t bring these papers?”  she said, “then we won’t let you leave.”

i was like, “seriously?”  but i guess it matches up with something a friend had mentioned to me, so i could believe it.  i imagined that, given that situation, i could call the embassy and say, “they won’t let me leave,” but i also have to remember that theoretically, i entered the country as an egyptian, so they could say, “we can’t help you.”

to save myself the unnecessary hassle, i booked a flight and left…  i guess i’ll have to do this every 6 months until i get these papers sorted out…

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