“we don’t accept reimbursements…”

a few days ago,  i had to wake up extra early to go to work, and it so happens that i also ended up sleeping really late that same night.  i woke up and was really spaced out.

i went to take a “mashroo3” (minibus) to work.  first off, i got on the wrong one (despite me asking, “is this going to x?” and him answering, “no, it’s going to y”).  secondly, i was next to the door.  “mashroo3 etiquette” mandates that the person by the door closes the door when passengers board or depart the vehicle.

the guy behind me pushed the door midway to close, and, being spaced out and all, i neglected to close it.  we drove a little, and the door fell off.  “Allah yenawar ya bashawat,” the driver said (sarcastically and seemingly upset - can’t really translate it, but an english equivalent would be, “nice going, gentlemen”).  the driver and his assistant went back, grabbed the door and tied it on the mashroo3.  the man said something about, “lazy people who don’t close the door,” got back in the car, and started driving.

i felt bad, so i handed the driver some money to fix the door with (of course i am sure it was already in really bad shape, otherwise it wouldn’t have fallen off from driving at such a slow speed on local roads for a minute or less, but nevertheless…).  the driver asked, “what’s this?”  i said, “this is to fix your door with.”  he said, “we don’t accept reimbursements…” i said, “but it’s my fault, i neglected to close the door.”  he said (approximately), “we drive with Allah’s protection, and the door’s time came and qadar Allah wa ma sha2a fa3al.”  he refused to take the money (and the passenger next to me also told me, “forget about it, keep your money”).

i really respected the guy for his mindset and for controlling his anger.  may Allah increase his rizq - ameen.

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