"tomorrow is friday..."

(well, in reality, today is friday).  in santa clara, sheikh mohamed used to give a short 3 minute reminder after isha on thursdays.  each time, this reminder would start with the phrase, “tomorrow is friday,” after which he would remind us the virtues of salah on the Prophet (ﷺ) on fridays and would mention something from his sunnah.

one of the most beautiful du3as i used to always hear sheikh mohamed say was:

اللهم اجعل سرنا خيراً من علانيتنى، واجعل علانيتنا خيرا

“Allahuma aj3al sirana khayran min 3alaneyatina wa aj3al 3alaneyatina khayra” - the rough meaning of which is, “oh Allah, make what is hidden (from our actions, intentions, deeds, etc) better than what is latent and visible to people, and make what is visible to people good.”  may Allah grant us all ikhlas - ameen!

happy friday!

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