what do you name your computers?

my machines typically have had some sort of video game related (and specifically, rpg related) names.

some names i’ve used in the past:

the machine names in bold are in-use as of this post’s writing.  some of these were actually named for a reason - termina was named because it’s a linux box (ie a linux termina-l), for example, and zanarkand was named because it was a far away city (and the laptop traveled far away from home).  interestingly enough, zanarkand actually refers to “zanarkand ruins,” a place left in ruins in ffx.  by mere coincidence, this happened to also become the fate of that laptop.

i’ve typically named servers by city names (ie makkah, madinah, aqsa), but have now started using names related to the domain name(s) hosted on that machine.

oh, and any printer i have gets named hydralisk, after the famous zerg creatures from starcraft.

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