khutbah from masjid al salam

masjid al salam is the masjid next to the place i am currently staying.  most of the people who go there are the people who live or work in assid, where the masjid is located.  i am not sure if the masjid has a full time imam or not, because the same subset of n people always lead the salah - some are good, some are okay (in terms of qira2a, etc - not that i am one to judge).

anyway, the 4th khutbah i attended in alexandria was at masjid al salam because i was running late and didn’t have time to go to al hedaya.  the khutbah was about the story of sayidna musa (as), and more specifically, about the beginning years of his life.

the only different/notable things were:

1.  i walked in the masjid and found a tape player playing surat al kahf with loud volume.  i never experienced/encountered this before, but turns out it’s common in some masajid in egypt. 2.  only one athan for salah - my friend later told me why (i’ll discuss this in the next khutbah related post insha’Allah). 3.  the khateeb, at the end, after the khutbah, stood up and said that whoever doesn’t thank people doesn’t thank Allah (hadeeth i guess) - and then proceeded to thank the egyptian president for opening some route for supplies to the palestinians.  i found it odd, even though he did say something to the extent of, “in the same way that we have to point out when they’re wrong, we have to give them good feedback when they are good.”

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