google buzz - friend or follow

i like the site for twitter, ‘friendorfollow,’ which tells me who i am following and isn’t following me back, who are following me and i am not following back, and so on. given that i got access to google buzz today, i decided to write a little script to help me determine the breakdown of my friends (specifically, who i am following and isn’t following me back, since the rest of the information is easy to read off of the website anyway).

this script will tell you who your friends are (lol, i wish), who your fans are, and who you are following but isn’t following you back. unfortunately, there’s a manual step involved (getting the server response with your friends and followers). there’s really no point in trying to automate this right now, because soon enough, i expect that one of the google apis will expose this functionality.

(removed download since this probably doesn’t work anymore).

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