a little rhyme about makkah

mok and i were chatting about makkah on im and we brought back a very old habit of ours from the days of highschool and college - rhyming about any and everything. so without further adieu, here’s a snippet from our im conversation:

omer: makkah makkah, i love u like i love my motha you are a city like which there is no otha above u the angels do hover

me: in you i am a little more pious i drop my prejudice and all my bias the times of salah set my pace, before the adhan to the haram i’d race

omer: as i see the nur coming off them hujjaj’s face

me: first floor, second floor, or even third watching the tawaf made by humans and birds

omer and i: seein people doing tawaf around the clock all types of people - doctors, engineers, nerds and jocks

omer: and as the clock, goes tick and the tock u listening to the rhyme by mok and ak

by the way, you can see a few of the pictures i took at the haram here.

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