quran ubiquity plugin

updated and released the first version of the quran ubiquity plugin! you can go here to install it.

essentially, it contains two commands -

  1. search-quran - takes a parameter of what to search for and will show the results that match that particular query. hitting enter will bring up the search results page.
  2. get-ayah - takes a parameter of which ayah (ex 2:2) and an optional parameter of the language/translation you want the ayah in (in english - muhsin khan, for example - note that ubiquity will provide suggestions for these). hitting enter will insert the text into the selection space.

this is uber-useful for muslims imho :p perhaps i will try to provide a screencast later on that shows how to use this for those who are still afraid to try it :)

update - rather than make my own screencast, i’ve decided to record a set of audio instructions on how to use it.

by the way - if you haven’t used ubiquity before, i highly recommend that you watch this video first. it explains what ubiquity is and gives you an idea of what it is useful for. to put it quite simply, ubiquity is amazing. it’s an indispensable tool for your firefox. watch the video :)

and here is the audio tutorial on the quran plugin for ubiquity.


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