thoughts on the g1

for some (crazy) reason, i decided to try out the g1 after reading gina’s article and finding a good deal on craigslist. the summary is - i think i am going to sell it and keep my iphone :)

thoughts so far:

i upgraded the firmware, but haven’t played with google latitude yet (nor with the gps).

i may play with it some more, but at the time being, i am thinking of selling this and sticking with my iphone, as it feels a lot more polished. there are definitely some nice things about it that are missing from the iphone - gears, the fact it runs linux, development seems to be easier (java based), cut and paste, better camera, built in voice dialer, etc. but the iphone feels a lot more polished.

update - “compare everywhere” app rocks - iphone has an equivalent (snaptell, and the amazon app is good too), but it doesn’t scan barcodes. the english to arabic dictionary actually renders proper shaped arabic. apparently, some people have gotten arabic (the font and shaping) to work (though i am not sure if it’s throughout all the apps or not). they haven’t documented it all yet but should soon. i doubt it’ll be to the extent that arabization is done on the iphone, however. battery life is sup-par - went from 100% to 82% in a few minutes by installing and trying a handful of apps.

summary - iphone (even the first gen) still wins.

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