back-tagging the site

so i went through and tried to back-tag all the posts on the site… more difficult than it sounds, especially since i was at a loss as to how to tag some of the things (especially in a consistent manner). i am not showing a tag cloud yet, but maybe soon (tm).

i’ve also added links to my twitter and flickr in the sidebar. i guess i should start looking into some wordpress plugins at some point in the near future for some of the stuff in the sidebar.

update - tried showing a tag cloud, but i don’t really like it… things i don’t care about surfacing get surfaced because they end up being “bucket” categories and things i do care about don’t :p

i like the tagging so i can have, for example, snippets as the tag for all the posts that have code snippets in them, and pictures as the tags for all posts that have pictures in them, and so on… but i guess kind of like, if i think about the correctness and consistency of my tags too much, it starts to bother me :p

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