i guess i may just be going through some weird phase in life, but here’s what’s on my mind this morning at 2:30 am…

  1. for some things, right and wrong are undoubtedly clear. but for others, how do you really know? two extremely good people with two extremely good (albeit different) view points can really leave you in the middle, unsure of what the right answer is.

  2. why is it so easy to hurt someone you care about accidentally?

  3. why do people get carried away trying to live out the “american dream” (ie nice job, nice brick house with a white fence and a dog named spot?)

  4. why is life so repetitive and cyclic?

  5. why are we as humans so impatient?

  6. why are we as humans always looking to be accepted by others?

  7. why do we let what people say and think drive our actions and affect them so much?

  8. “history repeats itself” - but sometimes it doesn’t… or does it?

  9. why is it that most of us are in much better shoes than so many people that we know, and yet we are still not happy?

  10. how do you distinguish people being “politically correct” with you and people treating you with sincerity?

  11. why do we try so hard to flaunt our accomplishments, yet at the same time rush to cover our weaknesses?

  12. if one dies an unexpected death tomorrow, would they have done anything to make the world a better place? would anyone besides their close family notice or care?

  13. why do the moments of happiness feel so short in comparison to the times of hardship?

  14. why does life feel so hard at times?

  15. how do you know who your real friends are?

before someone goes sheikh-style on me answering these questions, let me clarify one thing - i am not asking these questions from a religious perspective, i am just asking why we, as humans, feel this way about certain things.

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