about the facebook feeds...

today, the facebook “gets a facelift,” in which they add feeds and such. here’s a screenshot.

facebook redesign

so as you can see from the screenshot above, it basically gives you detailed information about almost everything that all your friends are doing - you know when someone has added a friend, joined a group, left a group, changed his or her status or profile, and so on.

while facebook was never really that private (any of your friends could look and see these changes if they wanted to, but it would take time and effort), i think that this will cause me to be a bit more cautious about what i change and when i write on people’s walls and so on. in some ways, i can see how this may increase interaction (if you’re just logging on real quick to check messages, you may see a friend’s update that may cause you to react in some way (post a message, etc), which you otherwise may not have seen), but at the same time, i can see how it would cause people to be cautious.

it is interesting to see the reaction of people to these changes - i think the screenshot above suffices in explaining what i am trying to say…

update - check out mark zuckerberg’s reply to all the negative feedback on the facebook. check it out here on the facebook blog.

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