namazTime 0.9

i’ve fixed some of the distribution issues with the last version of namazTime, and so here it is, namazTime 0.9. it’s still linux only at the moment, and it needs a notification area - most window managers either have this (gnome, kde, xfce, fluxbox), or you can get a program to handle this for those that don’t (i currently use trayer under openbox).

to bring up the prayer times, you click the icon in the notification tray. hitting x or reclicking the icon reminimizes it into the tray. to change the timings and such, right click the icon. you can find a screenshot of the program in one of the older posts about it on this weblog.

on the todo list is to fix any bugs (please comment if you find something amiss), add some sort of alarm feature (to play the athan, for example), provide translations (arabic especially), and maybe port to windows and osx.

if you try it, please leave your comments. thanks! wsalams.

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