fo’ shizzle my nizzle rapdizzle – lol i was talking to my boy OK and he got me in a rapping mode… so i started this codeish rap, first line of which is inspired (ripped) from eminem, and dumped it in achinb’s gtalk window… so per his suggestion, here it is..

my code is like a dagger with a jagged edge, to push your computer over some big ledge, java, python, and php, easy stuff compared to c, and then there are kids who do ajax, simple little javascript hacks, these script kiddies have no clue, holding UIs together with glue.

other folks code in c# better play a violin and drop that harp, i don’t wanna care about what ms did, or on which big company google may bid.

on second thought, i think i’ll stop it here and won’t post the rest :p

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