eid mubarak, a 'WHAT' prayer service!?, etc

eid mubarak to all… eid mubarak :) big arguments, like every year, about when eid is, when we can and when we can’t have eid, some people want others to fast 31 days because they think its impossible for the moon to be seen today… but anyhow, i looked online at a lunar calendar and it says that the new moon is tonite, which makes eid tomorrow, so whatever man… that’s what my masjid is doing, that’s what a lot of people are doing, and al7amdulillah, that’s what i am doing. its not worth such a big fight, argument, and controversy as far as i am concerned.

anyhow, so our masjid, islamic society of central jersey rented out the new jersey convention and exposition center for eid prayers. very interestingly enough, no the convention center’s site, there’s a “events calendar…” – i took a screenshot of the calendar because this will go away tomorrow… (if its showing up small, click the image for the full size picture).

imagine that… “pakistani prayer service” - mind you, this masjid is mostly arabs too… i wonder if they won’t let me in because i am egyptian… Allahu a3lam.

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