some islamic poetry

here’s some islamic poetry i came across in a lecture by sheikh muhammad al-shareef:

_ la dara lel mar2ee ba3d al mowtee yaskonoha illa alatee kana qabl al mawtee yabneeha fa2in banaha be'7ayrin taaba maskanahu wa in banaha be sharin, ‘7aba baneeha _

roughly… there is no home for a person after he dies to live in, except the one he was building before he dies, so if he builds it with khayr/good deeds, his home will be beautiful, but if he builds it with the sin/disobedience, its builder will be in trouble.

_ a6a3see al ilaha wa anta tuzhiru 7ubahu hatha la 3amree fel qeyasu badee3u in kana 7ubaka sadiqan la a6a3tahu inna al mo7iba leman yu7iba mo6ee3u _

roughly… how can you disobey Allah (SWT) and claim that you love Him, this is a very strange and unique way of understanding, if your love of Allah (SWT) were true, you would have obeyed Him, for verily the person who loves someone will follow them.

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