WoW under linux

woohoo, got world of warcraft running in linux! it worked, for the most part, under wine [w/o sound]… it works a little better under cedega [sound, a little better of a frame rate], but i am running it on cedega using d3d rather than opengl… whenever i try to run it on cedega with opengl, cedega dies. not sure why.

the game is surprisingly playable from the little bit i played. i had to turn the settings down [they were all the way at max in windows and i was still getting better frame rates than in linux]. now i get decent frame rates even outside [i tested it in auberdine and the wetlands, but i have not yet ventured to ironforge around the auction house to see what happens there].

the only kind of annoying thing is that right clicking is a tiny bit lagged… not quite sure why. i want to follow up with these cedega people and find out why i can’t run it in opengl mode, maybe it’ll be a little faster that way even.

irregardless, i am pretty happy it works well enough to play :) and i am pretty surprised that the free wine actually ran it with very little effort. woot!

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