last week...

peace. err, its been a week since i posted last.

so i found an awesome masjid not too far from where i live now. 23 acres of land, they have a school (not sure how big the school is or to what grades/levels, etc), a gym, basketball court, soccer field, etc. the founder is a very well educated guy [according to the (website)]. i heard him speak because he came to the masjid which i go to for jum3ah and he gave a really nice khutbah about the ornaments of this life.

also last week, i installed 1gb ram in my mac mini. opening the mini wasn’t too bad, but closing it was pretty bad. but i managed to do it without scratching it up, al7amdulillah. now everything seems to run a lot smoother.

i also took a little glance at an objective c tutorial. it seems as though you can write osx cocoa apps either in objective c or in java, and that there’s some means of bridging between the languages as well. pretty neat, but haven’t actually written any code with it yet.

i went apartment hunting this weekend… found nothing yet…

but anyway, that’s all for now.

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