a cool weekend

peaces… this weekend was pretty adventure filled… friday i watched sin city, but didn’t quite get understand why it had such crazy high ratings…

saturday went to nyc with achin, salman, and mansoor… went to ground zero, jefferson heights [desi town (tm)], and walked around times square. ate at platters and “king king kabab king.” pretty fun trip. saw some cool performances on the subway…

met a lebanese guy making paintings on the sideways with spray paint cans – he was making these paintings really fast, and they were really awesome looking… and he was charging $20 each. i had to have one… and everyone with me bought one too. here’s how mine looks like:

today was a pretty uneventful day… i spent most of the day id3 tagging my mp3 collection and did nothing particularly noteworthy or interesting. switched my ipod to hfs rather than fat… which means now i have to sync it on my mac and only on the mac. but i have no problem with that at the moment. finally got the firmware on it upgraded too.

anyhow… that’s all for now. ** update [4/11/2005 @ 11:05 am]:** made the image smaller so it doesn’t make the layout on planet arabeyes look bad.

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