sixers and nuggets, etc

greets. i went to my first real nba basketball game today. it was pretty boring at first, but the last 2 quarters were pretty interesting because the 76ers made an insane comeback against the nuggets.

my keyboard is… bleh. so the first keyboard stopped being very responsive with some of the keys, and so i bought a cheap one. the geniuses who designed it put a hibernate, sleep, and off buttons right on top of the plus key. so naturally, while you are playing games and stuff, its really easy to hit the key and shut the system off or put it to sleep, which is very frustrating.

but i started adapting to that… but then those keys on the new (one or two months old?) keyboard stopped responding altogether. so i went back to the first keyboard. bleh.

i drove to dc this past weekend. it was pretty fun. and i guess that’s all for now. peace out.

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