urdu poetry, arabic analysis, and the mufti's comments

peace. oh yeah, if you’re looking for the important [time worthy] summary of this blog post, then here it is – “this post is a total waste of time – but best of luck to my friends who are taking finals!”

anyway (for those of you who have time to waste), so one of my friends had this as an away message:

“Pyar huwa ikraar hua hai, pyar se phir kyoon darta hai dil? kehta hai dil, rasta mushkil, pyar ki hai kahaan manzil?”

being the honorary desi i am, and knowing a few urdu words, i tried to make some sense of this. pyar and dil were obvious ones that i already know. arabs will recognize mushkil as short for mushkila (problem), and manzil as home or place a person resides…

ikraar could come from taqreer, so basically as a statement or expression.

the first person i interviewed on this topic was our beloved mufti, sheikh “not-a-mufti” (those who know him, know him hehe, those who don’t, well… i’m protecting the innocent :)).

and first i asked him about the meaning of ikraar and he said, “i believe it means ’to utter’ or to say.” – he then asked me, “context?” – and at that time, i didn’t have the full away message (because my friend had come back from away mode) – so i told him that it was gone and that i’d find out. and he said a very beautiful statement in the form of a mathematical expression:

P(away msg is mushy | contains ‘ikraar’) > .9

so anyway, i then proceeded to get the full away message. and i asked our beloved mufti for a translation and he said, “love happened and it has been said, then why is the heart scared of love? the heart says, the path is tough, where does the path of love lead to?”

trying to map it back to the original message, the only thing i was able to notice is that “phir” probably maps onto “fear,” so i guess urdu got some influence from l337 h4x0r talk too (ph34r 7h3 31337 h4x0rs!)

yeah, i just wanted to post. nothing meaningful today, maybe tomorrow. peace out everyone.

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