gt rap

changing topics from the previous umm… interesting comments to the previous post, here was something i wrote up. i was gonna record it too but then i didn’t feel like it. but yeah. peace outs.

a few years ago in senior year i had a confusion and a bit of fear where should i go to university would it be emory umich or GT

not sure and having no real clue i chose GT as the thing to do and as a cs major i began my school thinking coding is fun and cool

and at tech i was to soon meet people among the truly elite friends whom i can’t equate to anyone i’ve met till this date

and there i got my first real feel of desi culture and the whole fob ordeal saw all these dudes come up to me and say, yaar, for shadi, doctor is the way

so i thought the solution would be to persue a degree in biology and take the mcats when time comes and go to emory with my chums

but after ochem, out of my brain the ideas went out the drain and even at the cost of a biwi there’d be no bio degree for me

and i got involved in MSA and was invited to meetings of PSA and all i got from all that stuff is great friends and that’s enough

and while i could rap all day i am running out of things to say so peace out to all of you especially those in my GT crew

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