life's lessons learned the hard way

peace… its been a while since i’ve updated, but that’s really due to a great number of things, from some games (late july/early august), to a shift to a new phase in life (moving, etc), to a bit of illness, so its been hard to find time to update till now.

i just got out of the hospital yesterday. to make a long story short, i went out with my friends to try this turkish restaurant - most of us ate this one side dish, and all of us who did got sick. my friends who got sick had to drive 800 miles home while they were sick, which is really horrible… i got sick pretty bad to the extent that i was hospitalized for a few days… i am still recovering now, but am feeling a lot better, al7amdulillah (thanks to God).

i guess i might want to say that the lesson i learned is to not eat food from outside at all… and while i know that probably won’t be possible to adhere to, at least i should be careful and avoid any sort of shadyish restaurants and stuff…

but one thing i did realize is that no matter what happens that one views as bad, there’s always something to be thankful for, even in the rough situations. so al7amdulillah. i am thankful.

anyway, that’s all the updates for now, probably will update later, insha’Allah (with God’s willing). by the way, keep an eye on the comments, jawwad and others are posting their own blogs under the comments of mine (hehe).

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