license, project done, etc

so the other day (tuesday to be exact), i went to get my license renewed, and ended up waiting in line for more than 4 hours! i learned (albeit a little too late) that one can renew their license online – but you have to apply at least 60 days before… i guess i’ll try to remember that for the future.

it was pretty cool though - i ran into one of the teachers from highschool, and was able to find out what all my other teachers did. i haven’t visited in a long time, maybe i will consider visiting sometime..

not much going on in this neighborhood… just finished the project webpage, making me officially done with the project! thank God! in case anyone’s actually interested, the webpage is here.

on sort of unrelatedly related terms, i still need to finish up this webpage at some point in time… that’s all for now.

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