more email stuffs, kernel 2.6, etc.

greets. so on the current thread of email and such, i read two interesting things on /. - the first is the fact that yahoo and hotmail put gmail messages directly to bulk mail… i am not sure if this refers to any emails or just to invites, i have yet to test this. if anyone can confirm or deny this, please post a comment.

secondly, hotmail is supposedly going to up their quota to 250 mb, seeing that yahoo’s upped to 100 mb. this is supposed to happen sometime soon i guess… the article is here.

the lake got a weblog! its very random, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

i think i am going to start utilizing these categories that this weblog allows, so that people who want to ignore the technical brouhaha can do so.

[technical stuff follows]

i forgot to mention this, but i submitted a patch to the liferea project to do auto discovery of feeds given a url. the patch was accepted (and modified) and put in liferea 0.5.0! i guess that would be my second patch ever (hehe).

i spent a good few hours yesterday trying to get guikachu compiling, but to no avail. i don’t have gnome 1.4 installed still, and i tried cvs, and got a plethora of errors. i think its a problem with their yacc file (or with the version of bison i am using, perhaps, although i tried other versions with no avail)… i’ve emailed the mailing list and shall see what they say. (well actually, i did get it to compile after modifying the yacc file myself, but i don’t think the changes i made were “safe,” per se, so hence i emailed the list to see if anyone could suggest safe fixes).

i also started reading some of the palm os developer files yesterday as well. the reason for both of the above is that i happened to run into some games written by aaron curtis for the palm – a long long time ago, we both used to write games for the ti calculators. seeing his palm stuff inspired me to look into palm programming, so i’ll aim to play with that at some point…

i also upped my kernel to 2.6.7 today. after many reboots and recompiles and tries, i finally got things working. the nvidia drivers were especially a pain to get working (i could start x, but if i tried to exit x, the computer would freeze). things seem to work now, and best of all, i figured out how to get my card reader to work in linux!

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