el road trip

peace and greetings all. so over the break, mansoor and i went on a road trip up north. we stopped in the suberbs of penn, dc, and virginia. here is a list of interesting things we came across…

a short movie of our trip i got a canon powershot digital camera about a month back, and i was finally able to use it. i made a short movie of us driving at night. note the effect that the street lights have on the movie. (and yes, i realized (after the fact), that there is no way you could have a flash running while taking a movie clip, but i mean some kind of lighting is nice… then again, its a camera, not a camcorder..)

you can get the movie here (~5 mb).

the highway system what we came to find pretty quickly is that the highway system in georgia is surprisingly good - all the exits are numbered and labeled. in other states, its just like, “exit” - there is no concept of exit numbers. oh and it doesn’t help that every other exit has the same name…

interesting signs we came across some of the most random signs. “speed limit enforced by aircraft” was one of the random ones. another was one describing fines, and the fine for a criminal offense was $200, but the fine for a traffic offense was $500. its nice to know that speeding is a worse crime than any criminal offense…

the wawa so many wawa and sunaco gas stations up north, especially in philly. and within the wawa stations are like delis and stuff, its pretty neat.

the wawa station

mansoor at the wawa station

the gas prices … remain outrageous.

gas prices

uber desi we came across a really fancy halal desi resteraunt that does catering even. they even had their own van. and their prices were pretty expensive relative to the desi resteraunts in atlanta.

desi village van

an islamic center in penn we went to check out one of the islamic centers in penn. it was around 3:00 in the afternoon and it was… well, closed.

islamic center sign

islamic center

washington d.c. its amazing how you go through a few side streets and you find yourself in another state. we visited bubba in d.c and went and ate at the food factory in virginia. we also got to see bilal ahmed too.

the “roundabout” some weird alternative to the 4 way traffic light. in bubba’s words, “devastating.”

the day after tomorrow awesome movie. critics don’t know anything about movies, they should be banned from rating them. excellent movie. if you haven’t seen it, go see it!

i guess that’s all for now. peace!

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