highway insanity, heros

greets… today, i was heading towards tech around 11:30 am, and as soon as i got off the highway, i saw a whole bunch of traffic. i thought to myself, “odd, its way past morning rush hour” - and while i was still on the ramp, i saw all these people u-turning off the highway and back up the ramp… so i did the same and took the highway from a few exits down by cumberland. i later found out that there was a man threatening to jump off the windy hill bridge, and i guess he did :-/ its pretty sad… God doesn’t give anyone more than they can handle and tolerate…

anyway, on a less solemn note, i’ve been kind of wondering… or i guess realizing… we all know that in most movies, games, etc, the hero has to win - if the hero dies, then its just bad. so i am wondering why… i guess this question is triggered in my head by man on fire, and perhaps just general thought on rpg games… especially if the character buildup is really good and you feel like you know the character, i guess the main hero dying is a bad thing. i personally think so anyway… but as some rappers would say, “its sad cuz the bad guys always die.”

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