the plot reinvented.

how the years go by...

2002 was only 4 years ago… its unbelievable how time flies, how things change, how many things, people, and memories we remember and how many we forget… sub7anAllah… its amazing how many memories come back when seeing pictures or watching movies…

reminds me of this verse (18:49):

و وضع الكتاب فترى المجرمين مشفقين مما فيه و يقولون يا ويلتنا ما لهذا الكتاب لا يغادر صغيرة و لا كبيرة إلا أحصاها و وجدوا ما عملوا حاضرا و لا يظلم ربك أحدا

on a slightly related note, can someone suggest some open source or freeware software for taking an mpg (that is made of just still pictures and some video clips) and pulling the pictures and videoclips out?